Vision – Mission

Vision – Mission


As Tuzla İçmeleri A.Ş. which is a business of healthy life and detox center as mineral spring and spa for centuries, we are aware that since mineral waters contribute to world economy and human health at the top level, we have a mission to make our mineral waters to contribute at least at the same level and we even proceed with a vision to make it more modern and beneficial. We have traditions and rituals coming from the past. Without abandoning them, we aim to contribute to healthy and high quality living, economy, employment and adding new targets to the currents ones by also targeting the new facilities with the newest practices in our new modern facilities with the amenities provided by the laws and regulations in the medical concept.


The known history of Tuzla İçmeleri A.Ş. is based on Evliya Çelebi Book of Travels (1611). In 1927, we have been establish by the incorporation of three businessmen and two doctors and became one of the first companies in Turkey. Having acquired a hot spring and spa license from the Ministry of Health (1935), we have the mission of offering the effects of waters called mineral water, thermo mineral water, spa waters and healing waters on people with traditional and modern medicine applications by the license owner of these recourses.